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Saturday, July 29, 2017


So, one of my Make Believe Friends asks if I'm interested in seeing Queen. Thought about it, why not. Tix were cheap, nosebleeds, but cheap. A week after Iron Maiden no less. So, ok.

We hang for a bit, had some catching up. Go to our seats, WAY the fuck up, corner. Lo and behold, an usher comes behind us, upgrading the people. I turn around and say "hey, we won't say no." Lo and behold, 10th row, side stage!!!!!! NIIIIIIICE. See pix.

Had a blast! Turns out a couple of our peeps were there as well. We were VERY fortunate to have gotten the upgrade.

But WAIT, it got better!

I'm heading home, who do I see?????

STONEY! (this was after midnight), WITH HIS JUNKIE FELON FRIEND.


Hadn't gone to a meeting in weeks, no outpatient. When pressed, "I needed someone to talk to." Right.

Told him he needs to

1)attend outpatient, receipt of co-pay on the fridge.
2)attend na/aa/za, whatever, have a signature attesting to attendance.
3)launder the bags of shit in his room
4)pay rent, on time. 8:01=homeless.

I'm done.

Turning out just like his useless mother.

(meanwhile, remember Cathy calling to ask if it was ok to.....and my answer: make it contingent on his attending outpatient/aa? what did THAT twat do? Took him shopping and SUGGESTED. Another useless twat).

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