Achilles Run, "Stay thirsty my friend."

Friday, February 17, 2017

Payback? Parenting?

So, gave Addict a timeline to get info to fix the shower doors he destroyed. He, finally, admits to being under the influence the night it transpired-no shit. turns out, he's gotta pay alot, won't be working for 2 weeks. sucks for him.

I spoke with him re: consequences. Of how, at 18, I set him up with a bank account, whereas his mother told me he should be allowed to spend as he wished. So, all those $70 video games, where are they now? As he shops in the thrift store for shoes to go to work, where was the $100 spent on Air Jordans? (riding a bicycle to get to the store, lacking $ for a metrocard). Pathetic.

So, he STILL lacks a phone. Has to borrow mine to make the calls-after sneaking into my room to use the phone previously. And he expects me to trust him. Right. How do you know an addict is lying?

Yes, it hurts to witness, but, "I told ya so???"

NOW, he realizes actions have consequences, something his mother never understood.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

How do you know

when an addict is lying?????

So, Stoney gets a ticket, CRIMINAL POSSESSION CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE. He claimns he got caught with empty bags. Right.

He claims he still works @ bk, after being off for almost a week, right.

He claims to have not done heroin for a week, right.




Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Deja Vu

come home to find Sunny AGAIN in my house.

Remember about 2 weeks ago, he and 2 of his peeps burst into my house around 9:30? Remember my reaction???? Lo and behold, the lil shit is AGAIN in my house. Stoney CLAIMS he just walked in, so, tell him to GET THE FUCK OUT.

So, I go to his house and tell his folks I'll first kill him, THEN have him arrested. Their response: "good." Ok, we're on the same page.

Back to Toxichouse. with Pedrito on speaker. I ask Stoney the last time he used, he claimed 9 days. With Pedrito as a witness, I tell him no more friends at the house, ever, whjatever he smokes-cigs or weed must be outside, failure to comply=out of the house. Or, pack a bag and I'll drive him to detox. He declined stating it wasn't necessary.

Useless junkie asshole.

Thanks Dana, you useless dead cunt.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Ho ho wtf?

So, made it through Christmas.

I went to a meeting, ended up I was asked to speak. Perfect. during the meeting, Stoney tried to reach me. After the meeting I checked my messages-he wanted to know if we were still going to Pedritos. Good.

We went, it went well. Who was there besides the usual suspects? Fr.Robinson! Amazing.

We made it through, no harm, no dysfunction.

Got home, all went well.

Next day, Stoney went to Irenes. Came back, asked if I wanted to buy either the movie card I gave him, or another he was given. Sad.

Ho ho ho.

Friday, December 23, 2016

And so this is Christmas

This year, going to Pedrito's. After dodging Thanksgiving, it's important for Junkieboy to see his blood relatives.

The good news? He spoke.

The bad news: he admitted to doing heroin a week ago.

Fuck me.

Hope the spineless cunt who birthed him is happy.

It escapes (good sobriety there), leaving me with an addict.

Remember the discussion re: his smoking weed. Its excuse to do/say nothing; "what price are you willing to pay to have a relationship with your son?" Good excuse to do nothing. Now? Got those needles don't we?

So, where's he at? No job, for months now. Hadda hit on me for $ for a haircut, which I'm sure went into his veins.

Ho ho ho.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Everything happens

(not necessarily for a reason)

If maman didn't sell the house in Queens, we wouldn't have ended up on Long Island.

No Long Island, no Dana.

No Dana, no Keith.

No Long Island, no peeps.

Shit happened as it was meant to.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Here We Go Again

Going in late(r), attempting to sleep in.

Couple of assholes open my front door, let themselves in, making noise, shouting to the junkie.

Guess who???

I exit the bedroom, tell them to "get the FUCK outta my house."

Best of all, the asshole gets dressed, follows them out, takes off-after cursing me out.

Imagine, after having the cops called on you, having the cojones to break into someone's house???? Do some more drugs, overdose, and die. Please. Do us all a favor.


Just     like     mommy.

Enjoy asshole.

p.s. see below, great pic from the weekend's fun. They got my good side (yes, I have one).