Achilles Run, "Stay thirsty my friend."

Friday, November 25, 2016


Banged my finger. Delayed treating it for as long as possible. Went to Stat Urgent Med Care (whateverthefuckitscalled). Hit me with a needle to extract the crap, I passed out. Not the first time this happened. Lo and behold, they request an ekg. Tell me I really should go straight to the e.r., that there are heart problems, i.e. "passing out" =  heart attack. I was soaked in sweat, etc...

I basically told 'em I had enough on my plate. I just can't deal with any more.

In Jan, I'll attend to it, until then, I don't have time.


Oh, the GOOD news. Did my usual day after thanksgiving race. Was alotta fun!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Been there, done that

So, another year, another Big One (that's what SHE said!).

did The Big One Sunday. 30 mins slower than last year, but happy as hell. My time suffered as I don't do St.Francis as much as I used to. Much better this way, much happier this way. I don't need to. Now I usually run with Football Dad, a bit less than 5m. But the conversations are great, and I'm in a far better space.

Stoney? Works, maybe, once a week. Bitch's friends just did his shopping-GREAT enabling there assholes. As his bed STILL lacks sheets yet is littered with cig holes. Well done.

His flavor of the night? Remember the "one night a guest, two nights a tenant?" The other night It spends the night. next night, they come in after 1 am, "watching a movie." As I greet It 2 the door, tell It "you're NOT spending the night." Lo and behold, It's there in the am. Told Stoney, It no longer EVER spends the night. he protested, drunk, nice.

Still, compared to living with what I did with Bitch, THIS is heaven.

Another year, another Big One. Shit happens but, motherfucker, I finished!!!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2016


So, inspection is set to lapse @ month's end. Took Jeep to the dealer a lil over a 2 weeks ago, about a week later they call, tell me it'll be $8800 to pass inspection. alotta shit needed fixing.

Jeep cost me $2000 less than the repairs would cost.

Fuck that.

I was driving to the dealer to retrieve my vehicle, stopped 2 doors down-I saw "Enterprise car sales." Walked in, ran smack into a peep from a former job. WOW!!!

When I broke down what was up, we spoke, I got a veeeeeehicle!

Don't need a monster truck anymore-Bitch is gone. Don't need to rely on 4 wheel anymore, again, Bitch is gone.

Got a Beetle!

Really stepped in shit. GREAT salesperson-like I said, a peep. Didn't behoove him to fuck me. Really did well.

Karma baby.

But wait, it gets better!

Worried about The Big One, since I'd been busy parenting Stoney/working/running with Football Dad.

Signed up for a Friday night 10k.

Did alright, 3 walk breaks, but did ok. Still, wished I'd signed up for the 5k. BUT, the 5k doesn't give medals.

Lo and behold, did a sub 10!!!! Wait, it gets better!!!!! Placed in my age group!!!!! There's a pic of the award above-like a fucking license plate.

But wait, even BETTER!!!!! The 5k awards were beer glasses, meh. Would'a been ok, but...a FUCKING LICENSE PLATE????? Dayum son!

Picked up my vehicle this am. What I save in gas alone will pay the monthly note.


WAIT, EVEN BETTER!!!!! Who did I run into @ the race? Brotherfromanothermother's brother!!!!! We hung out after the race.

How cool is this?

GREAT car, GREAT race, GREAT people.

Well done.

Saturday, October 22, 2016


So, told Stoney he had 'til Fri to either get help, or force my hand into going to Family Court.

Friday eve, I come home, we talk. It actually went well.

He got teary, I laid the cards on the table, we move on.

He knows what he needs to do, and collectively, we turn the page.

We will see.

In the meantime, the air is cleared. Good.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Inevitable Outcome

Knew this was gonna happen, called it.

Years ago, Stoney gets a buttload of $$$ for his birthday. I set up a bank account for him, Crazy Bitch says "he should be allowed to spend his money however he wants..."

Stoney smokes weed, has his peeps come over to smoke, Bitch witnesses all of it, does nothing. "What price are you willing to pay to have a relationship with your son" is Its excuse.

Den is fixed after roof repair, try to make it a man cave. Instead, "wouldn't that be a great place for Keith and his friends to hang?"

Repeatedly tell It AND Stoney to use the side door to let Hulk out. Now, the rear screendoor is destroyed, and, sure enough, the side door IS easier.

Yesterday, come downstairs, Stoney makes a move. I look down, needle. He tried shoving everything under the couch. I ask "How long has this been happening," he responds "It isn't what you think." I told him to spare the bullshit and come clean. He admits THIS time it was crushed pills (oh joy), but yes, he'd done heroin.


Told him he had 'til Friday to either get help or I was going to Family Court. AND, no more alcohol in the house.

Hope Bitch is happy.

Useless cunt.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

So, here's the thing.....

Stoney, working one day a week. Wonder why his diet consists of Ramen noodles?

My stolen bike, STILL untouched, not replaced. Not fixed.

Guess he's never getting internet access.

The more parents I speak with, the more I'm apprised of a disturbing pattern: I'm not alone. The lil' shit is NOT atypical!


What concerns me: at his age, I was out there living life, doing shit.

He: does nothing.

Just     like     mommy.

...as TWO care sit, with weeds growing amongst them, in the driveway...still.....

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Got wifi???

So, remember Lying Motherfucker? Remember his destroying his bookcase, in the process-breaking the bannister? Remember I told him to repair it or no Internet? Ok, let is pass, we made up, but....

I come home, he, again, stole my OTHER bike. So, changed the password, removed the router.

Other day, multiple calls, multiple texts. Guess what: NO INTERNET.

I come home, fan that WAS in the dining room is not there, but in the garbage. Asshole destroyed it, claiming the dog tripped over it. It was in the corner, tough to trip over.


Now, he steals dogfood to feed the dog.

Leans out the dining room window to access wifi.

Did he REALLY think he could pull this shit and, eventually, not pay a price?

If it didn't involve Family Court, I'd kick him the fuck outta the house. He REALLY doesn't comprehend his transgressions.

Just     Like     Mommy.

Everyone I know his age is driving (he can't since he listened to the CUNT across the street, demanded the car keys, lost them over a year ago, and has since let the vehicle sit. All this as he STOLE my bikes to get to work-remember, he CLAIMED he was taking the bus?????) He doesn't see his current status as the end result of listening to assholes.

Remember the last time junkie/addict/loser/asshole Sunny was @ the house (after being ordered to never return), claiming "I'm just here to help Keith get a job." Right. Like Keith's is incapacitated? Like it can't be done @ THAT asshole's house? Do I need to call the cops for a THIRD time???

Stoney tries playing the victim, i.e. "I had a car accident," karma's a bitch! Riding a STOLEN bike, he get nailed. If he was driving the car, this wouldn't have happened. If he'd ASKED for the bike, everything would be different.

Doing REALLY good.

Just     Like     Mommy.

Has ZERO to show for all his efforts. No food, no money, no job, not even fucking wifi.

Oh, and where all Psychobitch's friends now?????????