Achilles Run, "Stay thirsty my friend."

Monday, October 17, 2016

Inevitable Outcome

Knew this was gonna happen, called it.

Years ago, Stoney gets a buttload of $$$ for his birthday. I set up a bank account for him, Crazy Bitch says "he should be allowed to spend his money however he wants..."

Stoney smokes weed, has his peeps come over to smoke, Bitch witnesses all of it, does nothing. "What price are you willing to pay to have a relationship with your son" is Its excuse.

Den is fixed after roof repair, try to make it a man cave. Instead, "wouldn't that be a great place for Keith and his friends to hang?"

Repeatedly tell It AND Stoney to use the side door to let Hulk out. Now, the rear screendoor is destroyed, and, sure enough, the side door IS easier.

Yesterday, come downstairs, Stoney makes a move. I look down, needle. He tried shoving everything under the couch. I ask "How long has this been happening," he responds "It isn't what you think." I told him to spare the bullshit and come clean. He admits THIS time it was crushed pills (oh joy), but yes, he'd done heroin.


Told him he had 'til Friday to either get help or I was going to Family Court. AND, no more alcohol in the house.

Hope Bitch is happy.

Useless cunt.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

So, here's the thing.....

Stoney, working one day a week. Wonder why his diet consists of Ramen noodles?

My stolen bike, STILL untouched, not replaced. Not fixed.

Guess he's never getting internet access.

The more parents I speak with, the more I'm apprised of a disturbing pattern: I'm not alone. The lil' shit is NOT atypical!


What concerns me: at his age, I was out there living life, doing shit.

He: does nothing.

Just     like     mommy.

...as TWO care sit, with weeds growing amongst them, in the driveway...still.....

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Got wifi???

So, remember Lying Motherfucker? Remember his destroying his bookcase, in the process-breaking the bannister? Remember I told him to repair it or no Internet? Ok, let is pass, we made up, but....

I come home, he, again, stole my OTHER bike. So, changed the password, removed the router.

Other day, multiple calls, multiple texts. Guess what: NO INTERNET.

I come home, fan that WAS in the dining room is not there, but in the garbage. Asshole destroyed it, claiming the dog tripped over it. It was in the corner, tough to trip over.


Now, he steals dogfood to feed the dog.

Leans out the dining room window to access wifi.

Did he REALLY think he could pull this shit and, eventually, not pay a price?

If it didn't involve Family Court, I'd kick him the fuck outta the house. He REALLY doesn't comprehend his transgressions.

Just     Like     Mommy.

Everyone I know his age is driving (he can't since he listened to the CUNT across the street, demanded the car keys, lost them over a year ago, and has since let the vehicle sit. All this as he STOLE my bikes to get to work-remember, he CLAIMED he was taking the bus?????) He doesn't see his current status as the end result of listening to assholes.

Remember the last time junkie/addict/loser/asshole Sunny was @ the house (after being ordered to never return), claiming "I'm just here to help Keith get a job." Right. Like Keith's is incapacitated? Like it can't be done @ THAT asshole's house? Do I need to call the cops for a THIRD time???

Stoney tries playing the victim, i.e. "I had a car accident," karma's a bitch! Riding a STOLEN bike, he get nailed. If he was driving the car, this wouldn't have happened. If he'd ASKED for the bike, everything would be different.

Doing REALLY good.

Just     Like     Mommy.

Has ZERO to show for all his efforts. No food, no money, no job, not even fucking wifi.

Oh, and where all Psychobitch's friends now?????????


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Lying Motherfucker

a.k.a. my son.

He gets fired for not going into work. He called, claiming he still felt the effects of getting hit by a car.

He led me to believe he'd been hit riding a bike he'd taken from a home along his route. Funny thing, the bike is intact after the accident. When I questioned, he mumbled.

2 nights ago, I look on the side of the house. Lo and behold, a new bike! I asked, he mumbled something about a friend.....I look in the garage. 1)there's a mangled bike there.  2)My other bike isn't.


When confronted, he attempted to play the victim (JUST LIKE MOMMY). When it was brought to his attention that none of this would've happened if he didn't listen to the CUNT across the street. Remember when The CUNT told him I'd driven his car (when in reality I drove it around the block to assure the battery was ok???). THEN he demanded the keys, which he proceeded to lose when he was high with his asshole friends??? Thus, the car has weeds surrounding it for over a year. THUS, he steals not one, but TWO bikes from me, THEN gets hit by a car. Ain't karma a bitch?

And he expected mercy???

He ranted, throwing a fit. "I'm gonna kill myself," my response "talk is cheap."

STEALS my shit, LIES, then tried to play victim?

I pulled his internet. He tried taking the router/modem. Nice try asshole, EVERYTHING IN THAT HOUSE IS MINE. You have NO rights.

Told him he had 24 hours to repair the damage.

A day later, nothing.

No job, no food, no internet.

When he tried "how can I get a job with no internet?" My answer: "go to the library, ask Lisa, go to Sunny's house." In other words, fuck off, not my problem.

He gets nothing. He fucked himself good.


Hope he enjoys the bed he made.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Here we are

So, been a couple a weeks. What's shakin'?

Brotherfromanothermother has been in and outta the house. Thankfully, when I wasn't there. I dread the day I must again call 911, because you KNOW it'a gonna happen. I don't understand why Stoney can't wrap his head around "the asshole isn't allowed on site." This, after the cops told him as much. More will be revealed.

He earned $118, what does it get spent on? There's a bottle of whiskey in the fridge and he's smokin'. Do the math. Went shopping, there was an economy sized box of Rice Krispie Treats in his room.


Just           like             mommy.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Deja Vu!

So, we go through all the same old again.

Our tenant/brotherfromanothermother goes to rehab, gets out, weeks later I come home to an NA book on the dining room table-a weed pipe atop it, a bottle of Bailey's on the counter.


I ask the individual, "didn't your parents wonder where you were?" His response "oh, they knew." So, you got a person living out of the place he was kicked out of, the parents make NO contact with me. GREAT parenting eh?

So, you got Stoney claiming I never did shit for him. Remember the $5? Translation: when Bitch suddenly decided the $ the government was giving It-disability???? Social Security??? Remember THAT? Well, It decided It was going to blow it all on Snapple and thrift store shit. So, if I didn't give Stoney $5, he went without lunch???

But I never did shit.

Only paid every bill and made damn sure he had a place to live.

What did I get in return? A constant stream of stranger in my house, holes punched in walls and my belongings fucked with.

But it's ok to use my house as a drug den?

It's ok to allow complete strangers to use needles, and destroy the house.

Bitch left a terrific legacy didnt't It????????

Oh by the way, who's still here??????????????????????

Stoney has his girl sleep over, ne night, now two.

One night-guest. Two nights=tenant.

In short, we haven't learned shit.

Just             like            mommy

(oh, and yes, BOTH cars STILL in the driveway. Haven't moved an inch in, now, OVER  year).

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Bring home butter

THAT was the text Stoney sent yesterday. Not "please bring home butter." He accused me of using what remained so he demanded.....FUCK YOU KID. I called, told him the very least he could do was say "please." THAT was the watershed moment. He went OFF. Same old shit, you killed, you___________ you____________, you've heard it all before. He hung up repeatedly, typical brat bullshit. I finally told him if he fucked with anything, he was on the street, that his behavior has become wildly inappropriate-and that if he'd only ask in a humane way, he could have anything. He responded "fuck you, I'll have Jeff buy it if you don't." My response: "move in with him." He continued, "I'm gonna kill myself" (ok, point being?????????) and the rest of his usual crap, avoiding the issues. I asked why he needed a lift to social security-he said he didn't have $$$ for a metrocard. Remember the x-box? PS4? x-box #2? When I came home and found him and his friends drinking a bottle of Jack? Bet he wished he had that $ now.  Plenty for weed, nothing now, sucks for you kiddo.

Get home, he punched holes in my bookcase. Destroyed HIS bookcase, broke the banister. I pulled his internet, told him he has a week to fix the banister, or he loses internet. He was told the next negative word he utters will result in his homelessness.

I took the butter I brought home, threw it out. He went to the garbage to retrieve it (nice job there kid, hope you're proud). Went, again, threw it out, opened.

I pay all the bills, provide a roof. He destroys the bathroom, living room, his room, garage door, bookcase, and 2 cars. Nice.

Enjoy what you got kid, nothing. A lice infested bed and no drugs.

Just          like         mommy

***Keep hangin' with Lisa n' Jeff, when they're gone what will you have? More people sick of your asking THEM to do your shopping.

1)Internet goes
2)He goes.

Enough. Everyone I encounter tells me the same "kick the asshole out."

"Mommy_____________Mommy__________It's dead. STILL dead, will continue to BE dead.

Even the dog didn't want any part of him.