Achilles Run, "Stay thirsty my friend."

Monday, March 27, 2017


So, Stoney asks me to drop off clothes. I speak with my former employee, now the assistant director out there, he tells me mon-fri/8-4. I don't push or ask for a solid. Stoney calls, tells me Monday is best, I discuss with him, relating the staff there know who he is and he is being watched.

Last night, peeps wants to hang with me, I dodge, just wanna be alone. Went to work, went to a meeting, they ask me to speak-third step.

This am, get up, drop off his stuff. Did they allow a visit? no. Did I ask for one, no. I don't push. What DID hurt was my former employee didn't even come down to say hi. I did the right this guy, from his hiring (pushing for HIM, rather than the candidate the suits wanted), to always giving glowing evals. Oh well.

I did what was needed. I'm happy with myself.

And Bitch? Still dead.

The dog Bitch and Stoney wanted? Who's taking care of him?

The house we bought? Who's taking care of it?

Useless dead cunt, problem Stoney.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

So It Goes.....

This am Stoney completes Detox, heads to rehab.

My, how things come around.

Used to run a rehab. Now, he's detoxing @ the same facility I visited countless times w/Woodley, to pick up patients. Now he's a patient.

Went, how many timkes, to CK Post, for various reasons. Now, he's a patient.

Can't get Bitch's words outta my head "what price are you willing to pay for a relationship with your son," when we discussed what to do re: his weed smoking. Great advice cunt. Glad you're dead.

Monday, March 20, 2017


Started running to stay in shape.

Kept running to keep my sanity: cope with Bitch's psycho-ness.

Still running to keep my mojo.

Yesterday, did the nyc half, again. Only missed it one year-when I didn't get in on the lottery system. God forbid I miss out on something.

Was praying it would be cancelled-snow was predicted. When the snow was a wash, game on. Hey, you prereg, you run.

Was I ready? Is anyone really ready? But I finished.

Stoney still in treatment, thank god. Bitch gone for good-THANK GOD.

And I'm still here.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Here We Are

Get a text yesterday "this is me, I'm on Annie's phone...could you please take me for tonight, I have nowhere..."

I called on his phone, he used up all his minutes-four days after getting the phone.

He was @ her house, pondering his next move.

Told him he could get a lift asap from Uncle Pete, or wait til I got home, round 4 hours later. He tried to get back in, "I gotta get some things," I responded "I'll have you arrested."

I asked if he'd reached out to Bitch's friends, of course not. Really there for him aren't they?

So, picked him up @ 10:40, in the street. His girlfriend has him @ her place on the d/l it turns out. Funny, he has whomever overnight whenever he fucking wants, yet.......Homey's gonna have a rude awakening.

So, drove him to detox.

On the way, told him all Sunny;s stuff is gone. Every empty alcohol bottle he was keeping as a keepsake, gone. All waterpipes etc...gone.

Reminded him of the convo Bitch and I had re: his weed use, saying "and here we are as the outcome of your smoking."

Hope the cunt is happy.

I did the right thing. I didn't escape, I fulfilled my responsibilities.

Bitchcunt? Hopefully roasting in hell.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Therapeutic Leverage

So, more of Stoney's comings and goings. Last night (12:30M) I go downstairs, to the kitchen. He's nakes from the waist up, no shoes. I ask where he went, he answered "for a cig." I look down, needle. Follow him upstairs, tell him he has until 8 am this am to get out. Told him to go to numc, or faith mission, bring back documentation that he's clean + March 18, the shower door MUST be fixed. Told him it wasn't for that piece of shit he allowed to live with us, he wouldn't be in this position. He attempted to respond, told him to save his words, telling him "how do you know an addict is lying..."

As cool as I am, took an hour to get back to sleep.

This am, he's gone, on time. I swept his room, any sign of anything belonging to Sunny, gone.

Just   like   mommy.

Where are all the people who told him they'd be there for him?

Monday, February 27, 2017

God, grant me the serenity

Ahhhh, that magic moment when you're driving through your hood, and come upon your son walking around with the asshole who got him started on heroin.

2 assholes.

And yes, I tracked the asshole down and told him if I saw him with my son, I'd kill him.

My son's response: "he buys me food."


Hope his mother is proud, oops, Bitch took the candyass way out. Just like he's doing.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Payback? Parenting?

So, gave Addict a timeline to get info to fix the shower doors he destroyed. He, finally, admits to being under the influence the night it transpired-no shit. turns out, he's gotta pay alot, won't be working for 2 weeks. sucks for him.

I spoke with him re: consequences. Of how, at 18, I set him up with a bank account, whereas his mother told me he should be allowed to spend as he wished. So, all those $70 video games, where are they now? As he shops in the thrift store for shoes to go to work, where was the $100 spent on Air Jordans? (riding a bicycle to get to the store, lacking $ for a metrocard). Pathetic.

So, he STILL lacks a phone. Has to borrow mine to make the calls-after sneaking into my room to use the phone previously. And he expects me to trust him. Right. How do you know an addict is lying?

Yes, it hurts to witness, but, "I told ya so???"

NOW, he realizes actions have consequences, something his mother never understood.