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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Home Stretch

June 20, Cunt kills itself, thereby relieving earth of Its presence.

June 24, Father's Day.

July 8, wedding anniv.

July 13, Stoney's Birthday.

And here we are.

Stupid humid, no a/c. Why? Did Cunt ever contribute? Did Stoney ever lift a finger? Now, he lies in a filthy room, bags of dirty laundry, barely able to keep an hourly job-after losing three others. Just     like     mommy.

Went to do his laundry yesterday, I come upon him as I went to pick mine up. He's standing outside, smoking a cig. Someone stole his laundry. Wouldn't have happened if he'd stayed with his laundry, if he'd put in the footwork. Just     like     mommy.

Spoke with Aunt Cathy. She was aware of some of his shit, but agrees, this ain't gonna end well. He's not going to meeting, not going to outpatient, hasn't changed his behavior.

Happy birthday.

Bottom line, the troublesome part of the year is almost passed.

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